How Gojek’s Visionary Technology is Strengthening Vietnam’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Gojek in Vietnam

Gojek’s road to digital transformation has been an impactful journey that has lifted millions from poverty in Vietnam. With its predictive data analysis and customer-first business value, millions of Vietnamese can think ahead in terms of growth. In this blog, see how Gojek has breathed a new life as a part of its business expansion plan.


Social and economic problems have been at the center of all issues in Vietnam since the end of the war in 1975. Technology has supported the government’s vision to increase GDP by 30% by 2030. Local experts have said that Vietnam has the potential to attract investment in innovative and advanced manufacturing. In essence, thanks to strong government support and growing on-demand businesses, the future of Vietnam is in safe hands.

The Advent of Gojek in Vietnam

Southeast Asia covers 10 countries with a population of over 660 million people. Southeast Asia is regarded as a developing region with tremendous growth potential and is ripe for tech disruption.

Gojek has over 2.5 million driver partners and over 1 million food merchants across Southeast Asia. Moreover, Gojek Vietnam’s network has grown to comprise more than 200,000 driver partners, tens of thousands of merchants, and millions of users since 2018. With its vast contribution, Gojek has consistently been active in the Vietnamese market while improving income opportunities for everyone who partners with it.

Countless Vietnamese drivers, small restaurants, and eateries daily use Gojek’s following services in ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

  • GoRide
  • GoCar
  • GoFood
  • GoSend

Currently headquartered in Indonesia with additional offices in Vietnam, Gojek has built resilience for its ecosystem of drivers and merchants to serve local residents. Furthermore, Gojek is known for helping individuals do business and join the digital economy to boost their income and improve their livelihoods. As a result, Vietnam’s socio-economic growth has been at the forefront of supporting Southeast Asia’s technological achievements.

To balance the demand of increasing merchants, Gojek also launched the “Freeship Zone” campaign to offer free delivery of food orders in densely populated areas. In general, the campaign aimed to eliminate hesitation in placing multiple orders and stimulate consumer demand. As it turns out, the campaign was highly successful and brought income-earning opportunities for various Gojek merchants.

With millions of people relying on the Gojek platform daily, Gojek was determined to continue helping consumers meet their daily needs. It kept delivery service charges unchanged during the pandemic, ensuring its parcel and online food delivery services remained affordable and accessible for consumers.

Understanding the Technology End

To succeed in the digital economy effectively, Gojek understood very early that they needed to change their mindset by focusing on a data-driven culture. By doing so, they effectively turn data into customer insights, opening new doors to develop solutions and creating value ​​for the community.

It is important to remember that Gojek is a leading on-demand, multi-service platform. Almost all of its features and operations are dependent on digital infrastructure. Therefore, Gojek has a team of tech talents working across Indonesia, India, Singapore, and Vietnam to maintain and secure data from getting into the wrong hands. It comprises developers, data scientists, designers, and product managers who work on product innovation and consumer data analytics. Their main aim is to maintain all technology-based solutions while meeting the daily needs of millions of consumers.

However, for a company like Gojek, integrating data-driven insights has become part of the company’s culture. Therefore, tech experts are not limited to the tech team. Instead, they are engineers and analysts empowered to contribute to significant development in data access, modeling, and collaboration tools.

Gojek’s Journey in Driving Digitalization

To help Vietnamese locals and businesses in the Gojek ecosystem, Gojek started several initiatives in its four years of operations in Vietnam. These initiatives tapped into the local’s organic strengths, allowing active participation from in-store businesses for on-demand deliveries. Not only has this promoted digital transformation, but it has allowed countless micro, small, and medium-sized businesses to become a part of the digital economy.

Finally, its commitment to social impact lies at the core of Gojek’s values. This commitment continues to guide emerging entrepreneurs and serves as a driving force for future generations.


Gojek in Vietnam is aligning its goals with community development to fuel long-term sustainable business growth. Moreover, the values of Gojek have made the company reputable for its community-oriented spirit across any country it operates in. With complete support from all its stakeholders in Vietnam, Gojek has always looked better and joined millions of drivers, professionals, restaurant consumers, and frontline workers.

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